Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Parallelogram Investigation

Special Parallelogram Investigation

The link above *should* take you to a page that has the actual .pdf file of the investigation. I am pretty new to uploading things to Sribd. In fact, that is my very first document to ever be loaded to Scribd. I am hoping that it works out.

This also happens to be my first official "math" post. I have been dabbling in the blog world for a while now. I have about a million different people that I follow. I hope to maybe gather a few followers (although I'm not holding my breath).

I'll make another post a bit later this week about my experience with discovery learning and a little background on "me". For now, I'll give you a description of the link I posted. I try to do as little lecturing as possible in my classroom. The posted activity was my attempt to not lecture. The students were divided into groups of three or four (depending on the class size). Each group was equipped with rulers and protractors/angle rulers. We read the directions as a class and then they started working. The investigation walks them through what to do. I included diagrams if I thought it would be difficult to understand. The students measured and recorded lengths and angle measures. At the end they had "discovered" the properties of a rectangle and a rhombus (i.e. diagonals are congruent, diagonals are perpendicular, diagonals bisect opposite angles).

I have created several other investigations that I will get around to uploading (probably sometime over Christmas break). Your questions/comments/concerns are much appreciated! :)

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  1. I could not find the investigation worksheet? Did they somehow get moved or deleted? I like this activity idea instead of having the students just copy down notes. Thanks for the idea.