Saturday, October 22, 2011

That's A Bunch of Crap! --math activity

Recently I blogged about my love for YummyMath. I downloaded and tweaked this activity and then used it in my classroom about a week ago. Basically, I changed the names of the couple, changed the title, and added new captions for the graphic to make it more interesting to my students (things like "dude" and "you trippin"...they thought it was funny.) I changed the title to "That's a Bunch of Crap!" because we aren't really close to either mother's or father's day at this point in the year. The kids instantly loved the title and so I had at least a little bit of their attention from the start of the activity.

Just as a note, we have not talked about graphing linear equations and certainly haven't talked about solving a system of equations yet at this point. We have (in the form of games) taken information from tables and put it into an equation. So I was extremely pleased to see how this turned out (even though not every poster is perfect--trust me, I do notice some mathematical/grammatical errors in some of the posters). Enjoy!


  1. I love that you called it "a bunch of crap" I bet the kids loved it!

  2. Could you post your tweaked activity? I want to use yummymath's activity for my HS kids also, they'll need less scaffolding. Thanks!

  3. Could you post your tweaked activity? I want to do this with my HS kids also, I think they'll need less tweaking. LOVE the student work!