Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desk Dilemma

Desks--ugh. Most classrooms at my high school come equally equipped with them. Perfect for making those nice, straight, make-me-want-to-to-snore rows. I miss my tables. The first school I ever worked at had tables in all the classrooms. Each table was able to seat 4 students. It was so wonderful for student discussion and collaboration. The desks just make me want to cry--or be boring. But I prefer to not be boring if I can help it.

Recently I decided to make the best out of my desk dilemma. I put them in facing pairs and then put two pairs relatively close together. So if I squint my eyes and turn my head sideways then it almost looks like tables. It will do for now. For the most part it accomplishes the same goal.

How do you arrange your desks the facilitate discussion and collaboration?


  1. My school is opening its new high school next year and we're supposed to have tables in all the classrooms! I am so excited! Right now I have the desks set up in mini-rows and situated in a way that forms a U in the classroom . . . students can see each other's faces, close enough to work as partners, etc. But, I am going to look at doing something similar to what you have. I like the partner / group idea.

  2. Yes, I would give anything to have tables back in my room. I tried the U but I can't ever get it to look right. How many students do you have in your classes? This partner setup is the best thing I've been able to come up with for student collaboration.